...We meet to Eat!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

E is for English

The Cuisine Club recently had it’s 5th meeting; the letter “E” was assigned to me, and I chose to go for an English (clearly inspired by Goodness Gracious Me below). Actually, I agonizingly pored over an atlas for exotic regions starting with “E”, didn’t want to eat Ethiopian food, and English was the only other thing I could think of (off the record, let me just say, I hope I’m not the poor sod to be assigned the letter “Z”)

Tea & Sympathy is located just down the road from Cafe De Bruxelles, and is a small restaurant - nay, an annex - to a larger British goods shop next door. The restaurant seats only 26 people or so, and thus the management has a strict policy of not allowing guests into the restaurant until the entire party has arrived.

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