...We meet to Eat!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Cuisine 'O' Club

After saying yes to host the cuisine 'O ' dinner I started looking for cuisines with letter 'O' . As it happens in our Bollywood movies I wanted to come up with some hatke (different) cuisine. The only different cuisine I came up with was Omani. It looked REALLY different and mouth watering. The only problem was I would have to charter a plane and fly everybody to Muscat. Unfortunately I am not that rich.. Yet.
So, I was left with 'Oriental'. I had to go with Chinese . After looking into many chinese resturants in and around NYC I chose China Grill.
China grill is one of the participating resturants in the Resturant week and this made this otherwise expensive reasturant affordable.
We had the reservation for 8:45 pm and as always abhishek was late . By the time we reached there I was starving.
In appetizers we order for Crackling calamari salad and chicken satay. Calamari salad was very unusual but amazing and really different ,satay was just alright.
For the entree we chose Sake marinated 'drunken' chicken ( don't get carried away by the name, it was not that great although it was very interesting and different) , wild mushroom profusion pasta(Again the pasta was also different and very delicious) ,Barbequed Salmon ( According to Ankit was good but not out of the world) and vegetable fried rice( which was just ok).

The evening came to an end with the desert (homemade icecream and sorbt and hazelnut chocolate Torte) which needless to say was very Yummy....

I think the restaurant was worth going back to but only during Resturant week especially for the calamari salad and pasta.

Finally thanks to Amit,Ashish,Abhishek and of course Ankit for coming.
As for Namrata and Akshay ,we really missed you.