...We meet to Eat!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

M for Mediterranean and Moroccan.

The Alphabet for Cusine Club in the series was 'M'. Satyajeet was supposed to host this times Cusine Club, but he had some last minute work that came up and so Shweyta and Preetam called me to check if I was interested in doing it this time, I readily agreed on Wednesday afternoon and started looking out for places. I had to select out of Malaysian, Mexican, Mediterranean and Moroccan. I had initially chosen Penang - Malaysian Restaurant, which is at the upper West side. Thanks to Preetam who reminded me that most of us take the Path train back home and so had to look for something which was closer to the Stations and had to keep other logistics in mind. With the help of Shweyta and Preetam and after exchanging chain mails, I finally chose, Zerza Mediterrano, a Mediterranean & Moroccan Restaurant at 308E, 6th Street, New York, NY-10003. Its a small restaurant, but serves good food. We had 8 people this time who joined for the dinner.


Food that was ordered - Appetizers :Spicy Prawns, Bakoula
Main course: Chicken Bastilla, Moroccan Fish Tagine, Chicken Kebabs

The website says : Bellydance performances every Friday & Saturday night at 10:15 PM but that day there was no performance and so the 'Men' were really dissapointed. Well, its too small a place for Belly dance I guess.

Thanks to Shweyta for giving me the chance to host the Cusine club this time and for all the help in selecting the Restaurant to sending the invites etc. Thanks to Preetam for helping me out as well and everybody who attended it on 10th April.

So the next Alphabet is 'N'. Who is hosting this times Cusine Club?