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Monday, September 14, 2009

P for Persian

"P" was our second cuisine club search encounter after I selected C for Cuban almost a year back. Shweyta, asked Hemant (my husband) this time to hunt down restaurants for letter P. But since Hemant is always busy as ever especially being earning season, ultimately it came down to me to do the hunting. My classmate from Masters program at Pratt is a Peruvian ( love to be in States for the fact that you can meet people from all over the world) so when P was in line my first instinct was to go for Peruvian cuisine.

I chatted with her online for suggestion of restaurants and she being a native from Peru, did suggest authentic Peruvian restaurant in New York. But Hemant and I both being vegetarians as I scrolled down the menu of the restaurant she suggested, I realized the only
thing we could eat in there quinoa which actually Hemant and I have recently started eating. Finally after researching cuisines for all the countries starting with P decided to go for Persian where one could say more veggie options.

I really wonder now.....how on earth that no other country except India has vegetarianism, a way of eating from centuries for whatever reasons religious or survival, where every other country's cuisine is only meat and fish with vegetarianism now catching up for reasons such as health or saving animals/fish on this plant. Anyways, I have wondered about this lot after moving to States than actually growing up India since never there was the problem to find good vegetarian food in India:)

Below is the link to the Persian restaurant I selected which is called as Ravagh. After reading reviews from other people who have already been there I felt comfortable to give it a shot.


I can't say much about the food other people ate that night (although I should have asked for their reviews, may be people can add to this blog to give a complete review). Being Persian, Hemant and I knew what to expect, hummus, pita bread, grape leaves and grilled veggies which all were relatively good. The restaurant must have not more than 10 tables and was not so crowded for a Friday night. To summarize succinctly, nice little Mediterranean nook in the neighborhood.

It was good to see Shweyta and Amit after a very long time and hope to see them more often along with cuisine club encounters.

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Shweyta said...

Thanks Upasana :) The place was nice, the food was good and the company was great :)
See you soon,